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We hand-code websites and web applications that help businesses become more productive.

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Who are we

We are a team of passionate IT people, we mainly craft on-demand web APPs (CMS, ERP, CRM, IOT, E-Commerce ...) and websites. We also offer infrastructure upgrade services like setting up Windows/Linux server with its tools and optimize networks physically and logically.

Our services

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Software development

We believe we got top notch programmers that are ready to realize your ideas and eradicate points of failure within your company

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Systems administration

Linux or Windows? whatever preference you got we will provision the right server with the right tools to your company

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Network engineering

We know very well that the network is the foundation of digitalization and you can trust us to manage its various aspects.

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Our Featured applications

Eazy IP

Eazy IP Web app showcase mockup

A Progressive Web App that aims at becoming an essential toolkit for the network engineers by handling the IP operations flawlessly


Eazy IP Web app showcase mockup

A multi-user home automation IOT platform that enables functionalities like realtime sensors monitoring and remote actions

School Scope

Eazy IP Web app showcase mockup

Tailored according to the algerian education system and destined to be in charge of administering students registrations step by step in privet schools


Eazy IP Web app showcase mockup

Helps real estate agencies keep records of their apartments and clients and fully manages the sales process